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Editor's Choice Award in the Better Buys for Business 2004


Pick of the year - Buyers Laboratory Inc. 2004 - Outstanding High Volume Fax Centric Multifunctional Imaging System award

Editor's Choice award in the Better Buys for Business 2003


Highly Recommended - BERTL Digital Test Lab 2003

$2,350.00 - New

LaserClass 730i Fax



Internet Fax! - send faxes to E-Mail inboxes, receive E-Mail
from a fax machine, convert paper documents into digital files,
and take advantage of network printing and scanning

High Speed, High Quality Output - 19ppm, even when printing
at 1200 dpi. Distinguishes graphics from text on outgoing
documents in order to deliver maximum image quality with
every transmission.

Super G3 Technology - JBIG compression significantly reduces
phone line charges by transmitting data at 33.6 Kbps,
35-scans-per-minute document scaning or 1.1 seconds per page,
and saves time and money while increasing fax productivity.

33.6 Kbps Dual Line Option - provides twice the fax line power and
performance of standard facsimile machines. It enables the user to
send or receive two faxes at once, or send and receive simultaneously.
Both the primary and secondary fax lines operate at 33.6 Kbps.

Productive Document Feeding - 70-sheet Automatic Document Feeder.
The Dual access feature enhances fax productivity by allowing for
transmission reservation during reception and memory transmission,
and memory reception and transmission while the fax is in use as a
convenience copier, or while printing reports.

High Volume Paper Capacities - comes standard with a paper supply of
600 sheets: two 250 sheet front loading adjustable cassettes and a 100
sheet multi purpose tray, with the option of an additional 500 sheet
letter sized cassette

Memory - ships standard with a large memory of up to 1,500 pages (40MB).

UHQ Image Processing Technology - delivers excellent reproductions
of every document that is scanned, sent, and/or copied.

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